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We focus on the sustainable development of our company. Sustainable development means for us:

Successful business management

  • We are visionaries, and this will not change. We have specialist knowledge of the relevant topics and influence them over the long term.
  • We grow together with our expertise, but not at any cost.
  • Despite our growth and success, we maintain our flexibility, competence, creativity and momentum.
  • We only make promises that we can keep. We believe that commitments are an obligation.
  • Our customers are the focus of all our activities.
  • Our thinking is cost-conscious and performance-oriented.
  • We choose our business partners with great care. Performance and reciprocation define our relationships.
Environmental protection

  • In our opinion, ecology and economics are not contradictory. Conscious handling of the environment is a fundamental pillar of our company.
  • We will implement our environmental concepts beyond Germany.
  • We believe in providing ongoing training for our employees in the area of environmental management.
  • We use modern, resource-saving technology and equipment.
  • We motivate our employees to protect the environment both at work and at home.
Respecting people

  • We are dependable.
  • We are loyal and expect loyalty in return.
  • We cultivate a professional, open, fair and friendly atmosphere.
  • We create jobs that open up possibilities for individual success and security.
  • Our executives are role models. Using clear management structures and transparent communication, we integrate our employees into business processes.
  • We respect our competitors, but we do not fear them.


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