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Reclay StewardEdge appoints new president

Toronto, ON, 21.04.2015

The Reclay StewardEdge (RSE) Board of Directors has appointed Ken Friesen as President of Reclay StewardEdge Inc., a company that strives to inspire and support company leaders to implement leading edge stewardship solutions.

“Ken has the tenacity to lead our North American team to great achievements with his thought leadership and his ability to harness the energy of diverse stakeholders for a common goal,” says Dr. Fritz Flanderka, RSE Chairman of the Board. “We are truly excited for what’s to come in the rapidly changing stewardship landscape in North America.”


Since 1990, Ken Friesen has helped establish and lead the initiation, design, and implementation of multi-stakeholder stewardship programs in Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. These years of experience in the field have provided him with an intricate understanding of stewardship programs, recycling and the marketplace. In addition to starting several businesses and recycling related organizations, Ken, as a former member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board, understands political processes at both the municipal and provincial levels.

“It’s a privilege to be appointed as President in what is a very dynamic period for compliance and recycling initiatives both in Canada and the USA,” says Ken Friesen. “As a company we have always thrived in times of uncertainty as we cut a path forward that helps our clients.”

Originally a Manitoban, Ken splits his time between the offices in Toronto and Manitoba. A private pilot for the past 30 years, Ken enjoys travelling and non-work related challenges.

In his new role, Ken will lead and continue to build the company’s presence in private and public arenas as he provides strategic advice to national and multi-national organizations.

RSE provides a broad suite of services aimed at helping clients achieve their objectives, cost-reductions and improve their overall environmental performance. They have a long history of innovating and executing recycling programs under voluntary and compliance conditions on behalf of their clients.

“Everything we do is always in the clients’ best interest as we help them achieve their sustainability and cost-reduction goals. Helping clients succeed ensures our success,” says Ken.

Reclay StewardEdge Inc. is a leading North American-based international stewardship organization that has extensive experience and expertise in sustainability related to end-of-life management of packaging and products. RSE has provided recycling solutions to numerous producers and government agencies across North America and in 2012, StewardEdge became a part of the Reclay Group enabling them to offer a broader suite of services internationally.

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