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Reclay Group in USA


RSE USA helps industry, government, and businesses sustainably manage, track, and report materials and products at end-of-life. We help our clients shape their future by providing deep business insight, expert research, and the industry’s top talent. We work side-by-side with our clients to help them explore possibilities, identify opportunity, and implement change so, at the end of the day, they have a great story to tell.

Our management

Ken Friesen, President at Reclay StewardEdge

Ken Friesen is President at Reclay StewardEdge Inc. He has been directly involved in waste reduction and recycling since 1990. Ken has led the initiation, design and implementation of multi- stakeholder stewardship programs, as well as providing strategic governance and project management services. Ken’s background in waste reduction, recycling and stewardship programs enables him to apply a variety of perspectives to work with diverse stakeholders and lead them to a common goal.


The Evolution of Reclay StewardEdge

From our inception, Reclay StewardEdge has been at the forefront of product and packaging stewardship. Through our dedication to the advancement of recycling and finding innovative approaches to minimize and manage waste, we have established relationships with clients around the world and now have offices across North America to bring a truly global approach to the work we do. To discover more about our evolution over the past four decades, click on our corporate history timeline.

1974 Ontario Launches Multi-Material Program

The first recognized curbside recycling program, Project One Recycling, catered to 80,000 households in the Toronto Beaches area.

1976 Launch of Resource Integration Systems (RIS)

RIS was a consulting business that served as a vehicle for influencing behavioural change with respect to recycling in various communities.

1977 New RIS Innovation Tested

First opportunity to test a hand-assembled container for storing and setting out recyclables in households on behalf of Environment Canada.

1978 The Recycling Council of Ontario is Formed (RCO)

Is Five Foundation helped form the RCO, a multi-stakeholder group advocating for waste reduction and recycling in Ontario. 

1981 - 1986 The Blue Box Story

RIS pioneered and implemented the Blue Box Program, the most effective approach to multi-material curbside collection across Ontario.

1987 International Growth

RIS supported the development of recycling programs in Hartford, Minneapolis, Portland, Los Angeles, Brussels (Belgium) and the UK.

1989 Blue Box Program Honoured by UN

The UN recognized the international success of the Blue Box Program with the environmental stewardship award.

1996 Corporations Supporting Recycling (CSR)

CSR was formed to work with municipalities to improve recycling program performance across Canada.

1999 Ontario Waste Diversion Act

CSR was appointed to serve as the secretariat to WDO. The key outcome of this process was the enactment of the Ontario Waste Diversion Act (WDA).

2001 Producer Responsibility Organization EU

CSR joined the PRO Europe, the organization now representing 34 national recycling programs.

2002 Stewardship Ontario & The Blue Box Program Plan

The Blue Box Program Plan was the first stewardship program approved under the WDA.

2009  StewardEdge Inc. is Formed

StewardEdge was formed to apply their acquired skills and experience internationally to the management of a wider range of used products.

2010 A Widening Practice and International Expansion

StewardEdge expanded its service to strategic, technical and training support; and to support our clients' broader sustainability needs.

2011 Expansion into the US

The US office was established to help leading companies and associations develop sustainable solutions for used packaging and products.

2012 Joining the Reclay Group

StewardEdge joined the Reclay Group to strengthen our ability to support our clients internationally.


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