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Straight talk!

Our Latest Comments on the Industry

It is important for us to take a stance, express our opinions openly, and get to the crux of any matter. That’s why we often express our point of view on current discussions and trends in our industry. Critically, frankly, directly. Simply straight talk!

  • Vienna, 01.04.2014 - Provocation and scare tactics

    It seems to be a classic approach: if you can’t make headway with factual argumentation, then you frighten people with the help of the media and a good dose of provocation. This is what has happened in the Vorarlberger Nachrichten newspaper. “Cheating in the race for waste” appeared as a headline in the paper last week. The article reveals that the experiment with market liberalisation in Germany has proven a total failure.

  • Vienna, 05.07.2013 - Grab your money while you can…

    seems to be the approach currently pursued by ARA. Although the dust has hardly had time to settle on the remains of the monopoly for the collection of household packaging, ARA has already changed its way of thinking to an “economic system”. Funds that were actually supposed to reduce prices are being put in other reserves.

  • Vienna, 20.09.2013- “Leaving the consumer to pick up the bill” …

    … should be the new advertising slogan at Altstoff Recycling Austria. According to a newspaper report, legal proceedings at the European Commission relating to abuse of their monopoly position may result in fines totalling up to 18 million euros. This kind of money would normally make you nervous in the business world. But not at ARA.

  • Vienna, 23.07.2013 - Committed to ethical conduct in business …

    … is how Altstoff Recycling Austria describes itself on its own website. What exactly the former monopolist understands by “ethical conduct” should now be clear, at the very least since last week: A number of allegations – abusing a dominant market position, obstructing competition, causing harm to consumers and violating EU competition law – were made by the European Commission in a warning letter to ARA which was received in Vienna several days ago.

  • Vienna, 13.06.2013 - “The monopoly is dead,

    long live the monopoly,” seems to be ARA’s motto following the resolution that was passed to liberalise the household packaging market. In the end, the Council of Ministers acted so quickly that you were left wondering if the proceedings really had been brought to a successful conclusion. Starting in 2015 other systems will now also be allowed to handle the obligations of companies regarding household packaging. Which means that ARA has lost its exclusive control of the segment.


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