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12th Waste Management Day in Bratislava

24th November 2016

The Slovakian industry event: Waste Management Day (DOH - Deň Odpadového Hospodárstva) – organised by the Reclay subsidiaries Reclay Slovensko and Reclay Austria as well as the Slovakian Environmental Ministry – took place for the twelfth time in Bratislava. For the first time the event was also supported by the new take-back system RECobal, supported in turn by the Reclay Group. Approximately 200 experts from politics and industry met on the 24th November 2016 under the banner of “The Present State and Future Perspectives for the Disposal of Communal Waste in Slovakia” to exchange information on opportunities and challenges in waste management, both in Slovakia and Europe.

European and national policies on waste management were discussed initially, with a focus on both already-implemented laws and planned regulations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Dealing with Slovakian landfills in the future was a particularly controversial topic, as their capacities and endurance will be strongly influenced by the new EU directives.

The second group of topics was dedicated to the global transition into a circular economy as well as the changes that the new EU Circular Economy Package could bring with it. Adrian Vannahme, Global Strategy Manager of the Reclay Group, enlightened participants on the various development standards of the circular economy with examples from France, Canada and Chile.

This was followed by a focus on Slovakian waste management. Representatives from the Association of Cities and Municipalities of Slovakia, the Association of Entrepreneurs in Waste Management and the field of waste production criticised the lack of support and the limited commitment by the Environmental Industry to reform with regard to the development of infrastructures as well as structures for implementing the circular economy.

The day culminated with the awarding of the “Golden Ant”, a prize to recognise outstanding projects in the Slovakian waste management industry. The particularly progressive project by the firm PCA Slovakia s.r.o., entitled “0 kg of Waste Disposed via Landfill” won the award in the Company Waste Management category. All types of factory waste will be utilised so that no waste gets deposited on landfills. The honorary award went to the company RYS IT, s.r.o. for its project, “Multi-purpose container stands: a work of art at the heart of the estate”. This project transforms the unsightly estate stands for communal waste collection containers into aesthetic multi-purposes spaces that harmonise with the residential environment.


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