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Reclay establishes return system in France

LÉKO ensures competition, cost transparency and more recycling

Paris/Cologne, 27 October 2016.

The Reclay Group is breaking down old structures in France too and, in the process, ensuring competition in packaging licensing. The take-back and recycling system LÉKO was presented officially in Paris. Valorie SAS, the French subsidiary of the Cologne-based company group, is the primary initiator and joint-founder of the company. The approval decision by the Ministry of the Environment is expected by the end of January 2017. Market entry is planned for 1 January 2018. LÉKO is currently supported by 650 companies representing over 20 per cent of the market.

Until now the system for packaging return and recycling has been organised on a monopoly basis in France – to the utmost dissatisfaction of everyone involved. Thus, 95 per cent of manufacturers and 82 per cent of municipalities are in favour of new options for take-back systems and an open market. The recycling system is regarded as one of the most complicated, manufacturer-adverse and expensive in Europe. What is more, the technical standard in the sorting and recycling plants is low; the recycling quota of 75 per cent specified by the French government for packaging waste has not been attained since its introduction in 2012.

With LÉKO, companies from trade and industry are obliged to offer an alternative to the previous monopolies for the first time. ‘Every distributor should have the option of freely choosing its packaging take-back service provider, just as has long been the case in other European countries’, explains Raffael A. Fruscio, Managing Partner of the Reclay Group. ‘The aims are transparent, (cost) efficient and customer-oriented structures, that make the complex process of packaging licensing as simple as possible for companies.’ The new take-back system also aims to ensure innovations in the market. In cooperation with trade and industry, municipalities, recyclers, associations as well as consumers, LÉKO is working towards simplifying and modernising the French recycling system, so as to be able to collect more recyclable materials and recycle these better for the benefit of industry. LÉKO will also invest in sector-specific research and development projects.

About Valorie

Valorie SAS is a consulting firm that advises manufacturers, bottlers and importers of packaging on their take-back obligations in France and on options for optimising their packaging messages. The Paris-based company is headed by Pascal Gislais. The Reclay Group has held a majority of shares in Valorie since 2014.