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New take-back system approved in Slovakia

RECobal supports companies in the fulfilment of their legal obligations

Bratislava/Vienna/Cologne, 28 April 2016.

Reclay Group successful in campaigning for more competition and cost efficiency: On 1 July 2016, the collection and recycling system RECobal s.r.o. will be introduced in Slovakia. In the previous months the Group, which has been active in the country via its subsidiary Reclay Slovensko, s.r.o since 2004, has been advising companies from commerce and industry in setting up the new system. The approval of the Slovakian Environmental Ministry has now been given. Manufacturers and distributors from home and abroad who put packaging into circulation in Slovakia can use RECobal to meet their obligations as companies responsible for products and have their sales packaging and certain other materials collected and recycled. The comprehensive service offered by RECobal applies to packaging in all collection categories as well as for certain paper and glass products.

“We are pleased that our intensive efforts over the last twelve months and have been successful and that RECobal has been able to meet the demanding criteria required to obtain the Ministry of the Environment’s approval,” said Raffael A. Fruscio, managing partner of the Reclay Group. The goal of our advisory activity in Slovakia was to contribute to increased competition and to strengthen the extended responsibility of manufacturers in the country”. And we succeeded. RECobal is ensuring efficiency – both in terms of costs and also the recycling of the materials”

Thanks to the collaboration with RECobal, Reclay Slovensko is supporting companies in the fulfilment of all legal obligations which the new waste management law brings with it. Since 1 January 2016, an extended manufacturer responsibility has applied in Slovakia: Every company that manufactures or distributes packaging in Slovakia is obliged to produce proof of their environmentally sound collection, sorting and recycling and bear the associated costs. RECobal takes care of these requirements for companies and also provides information to the public and consumers as well as fulfilling all legal obligations to produce proof.