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Reallocation of the Collection Regions for Packaging Waste

Reclay UFH will be responsible for nine regions as of 2018

Vienna, 19 May 2016.

At the beginning of May, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water (BMLFUW) allocated the collection regions among all market players for the first time since the liberalisation of the market for packaging licensing. In accordance with their market share, Reclay UFH GmbH was assigned nine regions. As of 1 January 2018, the company, being the procurement organiser, will be responsible for collecting retail packaging waste from homes in Kärnten (Hermagor and Feldkirchen), Salzburg (Tamsweg), Steiermark (Voitsberg), Upper Austria (Freistadt, Grieskirchen and Steyr-Land), as well as Lower Austria (Korneuburg and Amstetten). Accordingly, Reclay UFH will be responsible for recycling the waste from a total of half a million people.

Almost a year and a half after the market’s deregulation the last legal provisions have now been implemented, thereby enabling open and fair competition. It is becoming ever clearer, that the liberalisation was an important and long overdue step, meeting the satisfaction of all stakeholders. “The companies in the trade and industry sectors that are obligated to license their packaging are gladly accepting the expanded range of services. This is evident not least by the fact that we recently won our 1000th customer“, said Walter Tanzer, Managing Director of Reclay UFH GmbH. “Now we will show that we can also provide the best possible local solution in our collection regions. In close agreement with the communities and in consideration of the local circumstances, Reclay UFH will both optimise the collection and improve service to the consumers. We aim to take back more packaging in order to make the system more efficient and cost-effective“, said Tanzer.

About Reclay UFH

Reclay UFH GmbH is one of the leading suppliers for collecting and recycling retail packaging in Austria. It was founded in 2010 when the internationally operating Reclay Group joined forces with the renowned Austrian “Umweltforum Haushalt” (UHF). Reclay UFH helps its customers to meet their take-back and recycling obligations imposed by the Packaging Ordinance and offers customised licensing solutions. With its wide range of services, the company closes the lifecycle loop for products and materials and aims to recycle virtually all waste back into the production process as a secondary raw material.