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News from the Reclay Group

We make news. Read our press releases to learn what moves us and what we move. If you have any questions, our Public Relations office will be happy to answer them.

  • Vienna, 16.01.2014 - Reclay UFH obtains authorisation for collection of commercial glass

    Industry and trade to benefit from more extensive market liberalisation

    Vienna, 16 January 2014. The year has begun with some good news: the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management has given Reclay UFH GmbH permission to collect commercial glass and also other packaging materials such as material compounds, aluminium, ceramics and packaging materials on a biological basis. This collective approval entered into force on 1 January 2014.

  • Vienna, 14.01.2014 - New website gives information on changes to legislation in the packaging sector as of 2015

    Enjoy the benefits of market liberalisation at

    The countdown has begun: in only 352 days the monopoly on the licensing of sales packaging in Austria will come to an end. An internet platform now provides companies with comprehensive information on all new developments resulting from the amendment to waste management law (AWG) in 2013 and the packaging ordinance.

  • Vienna, 06.09.2013 - Tanzer Consulting merges with Reclay Österreich

    Expanded range of services for the Austrian market

    Tanzer Consulting GmbH and Reclay Österreich GmbH have merged with immediate effect. The entry in Vienna’s Commercial Register will be the final legal hurdle. Both subsidiaries of the Cologne-based Reclay Group will now operate under the name Reclay Österreich GmbH. The consultancy companies have already been working together successfully on the Austrian market since last year. The merger now combines the strengths of both companies.

  • Vienna, 06.06.2013 - RECLAY UFH: End of monopoly leads to falling costs and rising quality

    Key demands included in waste management law amendment

    The monopoly on the Austrian packaging disposal market is coming to an end. On Tuesday, the Council of Ministers passed the long-awaited amendment to the waste management law (AWG). This means that the way is clear for this to be adopted by the Parliament before this autumn’s elections. Dr. Christian Keri, Managing Director of Reclay UFH, welcomed the decision: “We are very happy with the wording of the law, which took on board key demands put forward by Reclay UFH.

  • Vienna, 20.03.2013 - Reclay UFH – sole alternative to ARA

    Interseroh has its approval withdrawn in Austria

    It was announced today that Interseroh Austria GmbH is no longer entitled to operate as a collection and recycling system for commercial packaging in Austria. In accordance with the waste management law, systems must be approved by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW). In particular, evidence must be provided demonstrating that the operator is in a position to organise waste collection and recycling nationwide and that sufficient finances are available to cover the costs entailed.

  • Vienna, 12.03.2013 - Delivering food for a good cause: Reclay UFH lends valuable support to the Wiener Tafel food bank

    For the past year, a spirit of “waste not want not” has prevailed at Vienna’s “Naschmarkt”, the largest and most traditional market in the Austrian capital. Rather than disposing of fresh, unspoilt food that can no longer be sold, it is collected and distributed to people in need. This joint project is undertaken by Wiener Tafel, the market stand operators, the IG Naschmarkt association and the city market authorities. Reclay UFH has also been putting its weight behind this initiative since the beginning of this year.

  • Vienna, 18.01.2013 - RECLAY UFH: Market liberalisation lowers costs for general public

    Draft amendments of waste management law (AWG 2002) and packaging ordinance submitted for assessment promise increased competition

    The draft reforms of the waste management law and the packaging ordinance sent out by the Environment Ministry have largely lived up to the high expectations. Managing director of Reclay UFH Dr Christian Keri expressed his satisfaction: “For the first time in Austria, a practical solution for operating in a competitive environment has been found in the area of household packaging.”

  • Vienna/Cologne, 11.10.2012 - Reclay UFH legal action against ARA AG continues

    Managing director of Reclay UFH disputes today’s statement by ARA

    Managing Director of Reclay UFH Dr Christian Keri has corrected details published by ARA: “The statement given today by ARA, which reports that our legal action has been unsuccessful, is incorrect because the main lawsuit continues. Only the restraining order against the discrediting letters sent by ARA to our customers was rejected.”

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