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Data Management

We offer you the tool for advanced data management.

Bringing ecology and economy into tune with each other is actually quite easy, because we have developed an innovative data management tool that makes it possible for you to optimise your waste streams with regard to ecological and cost-effectiveness aspects. With just a few steps, you get a transparent system that enables you to better plan your waste-related obligations and to implement them more efficiently. The resulting adjustments and savings benefit not only your company, but also the environment.

Our Services


Our software helps you manage and optimise your waste and packaging data.


Master data definition and management


Determining license volumes and easy identification of packaging volumes


Collection of all relevant data (infrastructure, waste streams, costs)


Establishing periodic, customer-specific Reports


On-going accounting control and determination of optimisation potentials

Your Benefits

  • Complete transparency with regard to quantities of waste and disposal costs 
  • Improved planning 
  • Avoidance of wastes and optimisation of costs
  • Resource savings due to recycled materials 

Benefits for the environment

  • Increased yields of recycled materials 
  • Preservation of natural resources
  • Reduction of climate-harming greenhouse gases

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