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Waste Management Concepts

We establish the best possible concept for your company.


The perfect waste management concept is, above all, one thing: customised. That's why we offer you a concept that ensures the fulfilment of all of your legal obligations while at the same time serving as a reliable control and monitoring tool. Discover hidden savings potentials, optimise your procedures and gain a competitive edge with a waste management system that is both efficient and ecological. The result: your waste management concept will quickly become a recipe for success for your company

Our Services


We establish a professional and legally compliant waste management concept.


We meet all requirements pursuant to waste legislation.


We sensitise your staff to the needs of ecological waste disposal.

Your Benefits

  • Meeting all requirements pursuant to waste legislation
  • Enhanced monitoring and control
  • Identifying potentials for financial savings
  • Optimising in-house and external procedures
  • Reducing liability risks Identification and removal of safety risks (hazardous waste)
  • Foster the improvement of corporate waste management
  • Promoting a “green” company image

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