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Staying in tune with what’s happening in our industry, our experts provide their insights on trending topics or key issues affecting you.

  • Stress Free Stewardship Reporting? Keep Reading.

    You may have heard of a little-known system called extended producer responsibility (EPR) which is arguably one of the most trending topics amongst waste management professionals in Canada, the U.S and Europe. Without delving into either side of the debate, EPR regulations hold companies, who put eligible consumer packaged goods into the market, financially responsible for the costs related to recycling.

  • 5 Key Attributes to Achieve High Recycling Rates

    Companies across the globe are increasingly responding to the call for action in the sustainability arena. Many are making strides in reducing the environmental footprint of their own operations; however, minimizing the impact of products and product packaging on the environment at the post-consumer stage remains an ongoing challenge.

  • 5 Ways to Have a Sustainable Holiday!

    The holiday season calls for spreading cheer through gifts, decorations and celebrations. Between mid-November and January, Canadians on average, produce over 545,000 tonnes of waste. Luckily, majority of the holiday waste can be curbed through conscious-consuming, recycling and adequate disposal of unwanted goods. Here are five ways to have a sustainable holiday:

  • Climate Change Adaptation for Businesses: Greening your Packaging Design

    As the realities of climate change sink in and natural resources diminish, it is clear that businesses in North America are embracing a culture that believes consuming smarter will lead to a sustainable and prosperous future.

  • PAC Next Webinar Review Leaders Taking Action for Packaging Recyclability.

    As discussed in our previous blog post, product packaging is an integral element for businesses to easily transport, promote and protect their products. Plastic, paperboard, metal, and glass are some of the most popular and widely used packaging materials today. These packaging materials are highly valuable and can be recycled post use through the various recycling streams such as blue box collection programs and deposit return systems across Canada and the United States.

  • WASTE AUDITS - Top 4 Reasons Why Businesses and Municipalities Invest

    Waste audits are important for building the foundation of an effective waste management strategy. Without it, it can feel like you’re navigating through a jungle without a compass and without knowing your bearing, it’s nearly impossible to find your destination. Here are four top reasons why investing in a comprehensive audit is a smart choice for your waste diversion strategy:

  • Bridging the Consumer Knowledge Gap

    Product packaging is an integral element for businesses to easily transport, promote and protect their products for consumer consumption and accounts for a substantial portion of the waste generated by Canadians. A recent study on municipal waste generation by the Conference Board of Canada shows that Canadians produce 777 kilograms of waste per person annually, significantly higher than the 587 kilogram average and more than double the 377 kilograms produced by consumers in Japan.


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