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Reclay Group

Environmental and Waste Management

The Reclay Group is your reliable partner for all enquiries regarding packaging and disposal management, the development of take-back systems for sales and transport packaging, electrical and electronic devices and batteries as well as national and international materials trading. With our offering, we help to close material cycles and provide the industry with important secondary resources. We have been active in the market since 2002. Today we attend to over 3,000 customers worldwide from industry and trade, and provide consulting services to governments to help them meet their recycling goals. Learn more about our leading managers, our services and our history.

Our Management

  • Raffael A. Fruscio

Raffael A. Fruscio

In 2002, Raffael A. Fruscio laid the foundation stone for the Reclay Group together with Martin Schürmann. As a managing partner, the chartered insurance clerk is responsible for the group’s strategic orientation and the development of new business segments. Furthermore, he manages the systems business as well as the fields of consulting, marketing and internationalisation. The Reclay Group’s ‘full service approach’ is built upon his strategic considerations.

Dr. Fritz Flanderka

Dr. Fritz Flanderka has been the Managing Director of the Reclay Group since 2005. He also manages the legal and compliance departments and is jointly responsible for the group’s strategic orientation. Dr. Flanderka, who holds a doctorate in law, is an internationally recognised expert in the field of product responsibility (Extended Producer Responsibility), in the early 1990s, he was significantly involved in the organisation of the German dual recycling system and the umbrella organisation Pro Europe. Dr. Flanderka is the author of numerous specialist publications as well as being the principal author of the standard commentary on the German Packaging Ordinance.


Comprehensive Service from a Single Source

For 10 years now, we have been supporting our customers in meeting their legal waste disposal obligations. Over the course of time, we have been continually expanding our portfolio with new, specialised companies. Today, we cover the complete value chain of packaging disposal and recycling, and stand at your side as a knowledgeable consultant on all environmentally relevant questions.

Reclay Highlights

  • 2002

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    Reclay is born

    The founding of Reclay GmbH marked the start of our business group’s success story.

  • 2004

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    Industry-specific solutions are added to our range of services

    We launched our first industry-specific solutions, providing customers with the perfect complement to the dual waste disposal system.

  • 2006

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    Start of our dual system

    We received the nationwide approval for our dual system called Redual and brought a breath of fresh air to the market.

  • 2010

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    Austria emerges as a new market

    We campaigned to break up the existing monopolistic structures and now also provide our customers in Austria with comprehensive consultation services and a take-back scheme for commercial packaging.

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    Developing recycling expertise / trade in secondary raw materials

    With the founding of WEM GmbH (known as Reclay Materials GmbH since 2014) we closed the recycling loop with an efficient material flow management.

  • 2012

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    By children for children

    Our environmental education initiative “Trendy helps children. Join In!“ was launched and is already showing the smallest ones among us that even used things are still of value.

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    National growth

    We are taking over our competitor Vfw GmbH in order to offer our customers an even larger portfolio of services.

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    A hop across the big pond

    In North America the topics of product stewardship and recycling are taking on increasing relevance. With the help of our affiliate company, Reclay StewardEdge, we provide consultation services to organisations and governments.

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    Safe disposal of expired and unwanted medication

    With REMEDICA, we offer a take-back system in Austria through pharmacies for the environmentally sound and reliable disposal of medications that have expired or are no longer required.

  • 2013

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    Expansion into Central and Eastern Europe

    As of now we also consult our customers regarding their packaging licensing needs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

  • 2014

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    Developing the consulting business in France

    In France, we established Valorie SAS to support distributors in terms of meeting their take-back obligations and identifying options for optimisation.

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    Packaging licensing for small businesses

    activate – by Reclay enables us to offer online packaging licensing without a fixed contract term or minimum quantities.

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    Competition in Austria

    Our efforts have paid off: competition has made its way into the market for household packaging. Reclay UFH GmbH was approved as a collection and recycling system.

  • 2015

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    Expansion into South America

    Reclay Chile SpA are consultants to the Chilean government for the introduction of legislation on extended producer responsibility (EPR). In addition, they advise companies on how to meet their packaging obligations resulting from this legislation.

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    Geographic expansion of our activities in secondary raw material trade

    We expanded our services in Europe to include raw material trading in Spain, France, Belgium and Norway.


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