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Environmental Education on Hessentag in Heborn

20th – 29th May, 2016

The Reclay Group presented itself at the 56th Hessentag in Herborn with a large exhibition stand. With more than 940,000 people, the State of Hesse’s official event wasn’t the only thing that was well-attended. The Reclay Group’s exhibition stand, completely devoted to environmental education, also proved immensely popular. An interactive course introduced visitors to the reusable material cycle for packaging waste. Onlookers learned interesting facts about the journey a thrown-away yoghurt container takes, for example – beginning with the correct waste sorting process, then the collection of household yellow containers/yellow bags, the varied processes and mechanisms used in waste sorting and treatment facilities, and ending with the new products that are manufactured from discarded packaging. At every station, visitors got actively involved and put their knowledge to the test. The highlight of the course was a simulated sorting facility in which participants themselves could separate various types of waste from one another. The innovative Recycling Rally included a competition and was extremely well received by adults and children alike. Thousands of visitors went through the course and took place in the prize draw. The lucky winner received a great prize made out of recycled materials. Even the youngest visitors were catered for: our environmental education initiative “trendy hilft Kindern. Mach mit!” (Trendy Helps Kids. Get Involved!) invited kids to play in our children’s corner. The numerous school groups that went through the tent were particularly excited about this completely different way of learning. Bundestag member Dagmar Schmidt also came to visit and was enthused about the work done by the Reclay Group, as did Michael Boddenberg, Chairman of the CDU faction in the Hessian state parliament and Michael Gahler, MEP. The thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm displayed by visitors, as well as the numerous enquiries from kindergartens, schools and associations proved that it’s certainly worth presenting the topic in the most exciting, vivid and informative way possible: with the concept “Recycling You Can Touch”.