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Success of Bilan Carbone® method continues

Reclay Group presents second licence training course in Germany

On 18 and 19 March the licence training course for the professional application of the Bilan Carbone® method was held for the second time in succession in Cologne. The Reclay Group is the only official training partner for the method in the DACH region to date. The licence training was conducted by the sustainable management consultants RE|CARBON Deutschland GmbH.

The focus of the training was on the efficient handling of dwindling resources and on analysing the dependence on fossil energy sources. During the two days of the course, participants learned how to use the method and calculated corporate CO2 levels using a specific example. They also worked independently on economic analyses for the potential development of fossil energy prices and evaluated courses of action for various scenarios.

There was ample opportunity to apply procedures to the participants’ own enterprises as well: Andreas Zöppig, Sustainability Manager at Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH & Co KG Germany, remarked: “I particularly liked the discussions that followed the work on case examples.” He continued: “This was a really good way to fix the new information in our minds quickly and valuable help on use in our own companies was also provided.” Questions on the added value supplied by the method compared to other tools could be answered easily: “The additional risk management offered by the Bilan Carbone® method is a real advantage compared to other systems and convinced me immediately,” enthused Brian Robertson, Sustainability & Climate Reporting for WWF Germany. The participants were subsequently given tips on certification of the corporate calculation processes, such as according to ISO 14064, in order to achieve transparent communication of their own efforts for customers and the general public.

The Bilan Carbone® method was launched on the market in 2001 by the French Environment and Energy Agency (ADEME). Since 2011 the method has been marketed and continually further developed by the partner organisation of the Reclay Group, the Bilan Carbone Association (ABC). The Reclay Group has distributed the Bilan Carbone® method in Germany since June 2013. 


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