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Workshop for Waste Management Consultants:

Knowledge Exchange on the Interface between System and Resident

Reclay Group participated in the German Packaging Institute’s 2016 Packaging Day on 9th June with an exciting campaign, showing once again how multi-faceted their work in environmental education is. In a workshop format, waste management expert Axel Subklew from the Reclay Group trained a total of 13 community waste management consultants from southern Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, covering core topics such as waste sorting, sorting technology, recycling and eco-design.

Waste management consultants serve as an important interface between residents and German dual systems. They are liaisons within their communities for all questions regarding correct waste sorting and the subsequent recycling process. The campaign presents a new format for the transfer of knowledge between private and public entities. With its workshop, the Reclay Group also makes an important contribution to public information by supporting community consultants in their educational work.

  • Workshop Abfallberater

During the entertaining event, participants learnt interesting facts about the world of packaging, waste sorting and waste recycling, many of which were previously unknown to participants. Various exercises encouraged participants to get active and put their sorting skills to the test. Together, they also discussed frequently asked questions from residents. The theoretical section was followed by a glimpse into the practical side of things: participants were led through the sorting facility for packaging waste at the disposal company Jakob Becker in Worms, and were able to experience modern sorting technology in action. Feedback from participants was positive throughout: the workshop was able to eliminate many gaps in knowledge and gave waste management consultants more confidence when informing and advising residents.