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Dual systems in Germany with pioneering role in international sustainability strategy

Internationally renowned successful model should be expanded instead of abandoned due to remunicipalisation

Cologne, 05.11.2012

“It’s just typically German: we have achieved a high international standing with our dual systems and our expertise in closed substance cycle waste management and technology, and in many countries we are seen as a role model. And what happens in our own country? For no good reason we cast doubt on everything we have achieved and denigrate our success,” commented Raffael A. Fruscio, shareholder of the Reclay Group, in a response to comments made by the State Environment Minister and the local central organisations in Baden-Württemberg as well as in other political circles relating to extensive remunicipalisation of reusable materials recycling. He continued: “The Reclay Group is becoming increasingly active at an international level. In our business activities around the world we repeatedly observe the extent to which the dual system in Germany is regarded as a quality seal in other countries. Over the last 20 years we have developed an unparalleled, successful model out of nothing. Of course there were and are many areas where learning is necessary in this ongoing process of development, but this important experience is needed to form the basis of future success.”

The Reclay Group believes that extensive remunicipalisation of closed substance cycle waste management will also mean that Germany will lose its pioneering role in the areas of sustainability, recycling, environment technology and safeguarding raw materials. “We cannot and should not abandon the experience gained from the past two decades. All developments would be thwarted and we would have to start all over again. This must not be allowed to happen because if we are unsuccessful in achieving a functioning overall strategy for Germany in the long term which combines economic and ecological aspects, the idea of sustainability will be harmed throughout the world. We therefore need to work together sensibly, integrating the strengths of both the private sector and the local authorities.”

About the Reclay Group

The Reclay Group is an international group of companies in the area of environmental and waste disposal management. With its specialist subsidiaries, it offers a comprehensive service that provides efficient and legally compliant packaging disposal and recycling, and also sustainable management. The Reclay Group, which is managed by the principal shareholders Martin Schürmann and Raffael A. Fruscio, employs 220 people at its sites in Cologne, Herborn, Berlin, Vienna, Rotkreuz/Switzerland, Bratislava, Brno/Slovakia, Budapest and Maribor/Slovenia. The Reclay Group currently provides consultancy services for over 3,000 companies from trade, industry and commerce, and it continues to grow. The group of companies generated sales of around EUR 148 million in the 2011 financial year.