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Reclay Group continues its growth course

Turnover figures and sustainability report for 2011 published: Corporate group increases turnover by just under 10 per cent to EUR 148 million and reduces corporate CO2 emissions by 14 per cent per employee

Köln, 10.08.2012

Continued growth driven by innovation and sustainability: the Reclay Group can once again look back on an extremely successful financial year. A prominent player in the environmental and waste disposal management market, the Group increased turnover from EUR 135 to 148 million, equivalent to almost 10% growth. Throughout the past financial year, the Reclay Group’s 165 employees at its sites in Cologne, Herborn, Vienna and Rotkreuz/Switzerland served over 400 customers from industry, trade and commerce. Reclay Group shareholder Raffael A. Fruscio: “The continued growth of the Reclay Group offers impressive proof that we are on the right track with our strategy of further developing our core business, expanding our international outlook and focusing on sustainability management”.

The strong growth is also continuing in 2012, most recently with the takeover of Vfw GmbH in June. The Reclay Group currently employs 220 people and serves over 3,000 customers. The turnover target for 2012 is over EUR 200 million. Fruscio:“We are the number three on the dual systems market in 2012 and have a lot more planned. In future, our commercial success will be closely linked with the question of sustainability. This can also be seen in our second sustainability report, which illustrates the Reclay Group’s activities in this area clearly and transparently.

The 2011 Sustainability Report reflects the dynamic development of the Reclay Group over the past year and outlines its relevant social, environmental and business activities. 2011 was a year of significant growth, as can be seen from the new office buildings in Cologne, Herborn and Vienna and in the further development of business activities. Among other things, 2011 saw the foundations laid for the move to Central and Eastern Europe, now successfully completed. The report also documented the fundamental nature of the Reclay Group’s relationship with its customers, business partners, employees and society. The report includes the Corporate Principles developed in 2011 which describe the business objectives and values of the Reclay Group.

Another point of focus was the calculation of corporate CO2 emissions, which has been carried out on an annual basis since 2008. As the Corporate Carbon Footprint 2011 shows, corporate CO2 emissions were reduced by 14% per employee over the past year through a variety of measures. This exceeded the official goal by an impressive 2%. Reclay Group shareholder Martin Schürmann:“This positive result confirms that sustainability is our future. We look forward to the next steps and will pull out all the stops to reduce the Reclay Group’s CO2 emissions even further.”

The 2011 Sustainability Report for the Reclay Group can be accessed at