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Reclay UFH legal action against ARA AG continues

Managing director of Reclay UFH disputes today’s statement by ARA

Vienna/Cologne, 11.10.2012

Managing Director of Reclay UFH Dr Christian Keri has corrected details published by ARA: “The statement given today by ARA, which reports that our legal action has been unsuccessful, is incorrect because the main lawsuit continues. Only the restraining order against the discrediting letters sent by ARA to our customers was rejected.”

Christian Keri has also commented on the second lawsuit against ARA: “The legal action under cartel law concerning the ARA pricing structure is now redundant because ARA has withdrawn the prices planned for 1 July 2012, and this means there is no longer any cause for legal action. This is a major success for us and the customers.”

The Commercial Court had already granted the legal action by Reclay UFH against Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA) back in August and issued an interim injunction against the pricing concept planned by ARA, and this injunction is still in place. Shareholder of the Reclay Group Raffael A. Fruscio commented: “We feel quite relaxed about forthcoming developments and are confident that the courts will ensure fair competition – seeing as the monopolist is failing to do so.

Christian Keri concluded: “Reclay UFH customers can continue to rely on our competent services and the related cost savings. As has been shown, ARA’s prices have only been cut dramatically in the areas where Reclay UFH offers its services. This clearly shows that we are moving in the right direction.”

About Reclay UFH

Reclay UFH handles the system business of Reclay in the area of packaging disposal in Austria. Reclay UFH positions itself as a quality driven, alternative system on the Austrian market and can draw on the extensive experience of UFH in this area.