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Reclay Vfw launches return system for the paper industry

Efficient alternative to existing “Düsseldorf model” enables paper industry to fulfil its product responsibility at a higher level

Köln, 14.12.2012

After twenty years of the “Düsseldorf model” it is time for innovation: on 1 January 2013 Reclay Vfw will launch a return system for transport packaging and large-scale commercial sales packaging (also called § 7 packaging) in the paper industry. The system was developed together with the German Pulp and Paper Association (VDP) and is aimed at producers of graphic paper. It is mainly designed for the return of one-way wooden pallets and PE film used in transport. Shareholder of the Reclay Group Raffael A. Fruscio stated: “In addition to improved cost efficiency, the new return system in particular also offers paper producers the opportunity to fulfil their product responsibility at a higher level than before because the producers themselves place an order for the return. With this contemporary solution, we would like to ensure that packaging is returned to the substance cycle and efficiently recycled in the future as well.”

The industry has responded with great interest to the broadly based return system. Leading producers have already chosen to use the new system and others are currently negotiating. Participation is also possible at short notice from 1 January 2013. The new system was conceived as a response to demand from the industry for an alternative to the “Düsseldorf model”. On the basis of this model, paper producers have transferred the disposal and recycling obligations for their transport packaging and large-scale commercial sales packaging as specified in the packaging ordinance to paper wholesalers and printers for a lump sum of € 5.11 (formerly DM 10) per ton for over twenty years. The amount per ton has remained unchanged during this time, irrespective of the increasing demand for secondary raw materials and the positive development in the recycling industry.

In comparison, the new return system from Reclay Vfw offers two advantages: in addition to a price per ton that is appropriate for the market, it is much closer to the spirit of the packaging ordinance because the paper producers submit orders to the system themselves and therefore fulfil their product responsibility more directly. Fruscio continued: “We are certain that our new return system offers the industry an efficient, sustainable and legally compliant alternative to the previous model. The cooperation with Reclay Vfw will only involve minimal administrative adjustments for contact partners.”

About the Reclay Group

The Reclay Group is an international group of companies in the area of environmental and waste disposal management. With its specialist subsidiaries, it offers a comprehensive service that provides efficient and legally compliant packaging disposal and recycling, and also sustainable management. The Reclay Group, which is managed by the principal shareholders Martin Schürmann and Raffael A. Fruscio, employs 220 people at its sites in Cologne, Herborn, Berlin, Vienna, Rotkreuz/Switzerland, Bratislava/Slovakia, Brno/Czech Republic, Budapest/Hungary and Maribor/Slovenia. The Reclay Group currently provides consultancy services for over 3,000 companies from trade, industry and commerce, and it continues to grow. The group of companies generated sales of around EUR 148 million in the 2011 financial year.