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  • Vienna, 08.08.2012 - Reclay UFH: Victory for fair competition in the packaging disposal market

    Commercial Court issues interim injunction against planned ARA licence tariffs

    Dr Christian Keri, Managing Director of Reclay UFH, was very pleased with recent developments: “We welcome the decision taken yesterday by the Commercial Court to rule in our favour and grant an interim injunction against Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA)’s planned tariff concept. In this way, the Court substantiated our claim that this tariff concept would leave certain market competitor customers at a disadvantage.”

  • Vienna/Cologne, 30.07.2012 - Reclay UFH: motivating competition on the packaging market

    Financial surplus from monopolist ARA in the amount of EUR 73.9 million should benefit economy

    Reclay UFH is breathing new life into the Austrian market for packaging disposal at last. The company is owned by the globally operating Reclay Group and UFH, the leading supplier for the collection and recycling of waste electrical equipment in Austria. As an alternative system for collecting and recycling packaging of commercial origin, Reclay UFH has established itself within a short time and is making intensive preparations for market liberalisation in the area of the disposal of household packaging.

  • Cologne/Vienna, 11.07.2012 - Reclay Group acquires majority share of Tanzer Consulting in Vienna

    Expansion of business activities in Central and Eastern Europe – branch offices in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia

    The Reclay Group has acquired 74.9 per cent of the shares in Tanzer Consulting GmbH, headquartered in Vienna. Since 2002 Tanzer Consulting has provided consultancy services in the area of environmental and waste management in Austria and also in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia.

  • Vienna, 22.06.2012 - Reclay UFH takes legal action against new ARA pricing structures

    New pricing structure seriously threatens competitive market in packaging disposal industry

    Reclay UFH has instituted proceedings at Vienna Commercial Court together with Interseroh Austria GmbH against the new pricing structure announced by the company Altstoff Recycling Austria Aktiengesellschaft (ARA) on suspicion of unfair competition, and has also filed antitrust action at Vienna Higher Regional Court. In its position as an operator of an alternative collection and recycling system for packaging of commercial origin, Reclay UFH is therefore opposing ARA’s new licensing prices.

  • Cologne, 18.06.2012 - Reclay Holding concludes formal acquisition of Vfw

    Contracts are now closed – Reclay Holding has acquired Vfw from Reverse Logistics GmbH (RLG)

    Signed and sealed: following approval by the Federal Cartel Office in May of the acquisition of Vfw by Reclay Holding, on 14 June 2012 the closing of the contracts formally concluded the transaction. This leaves the way clear for the integration of Vfw into the Reclay Group.



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