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'En Antofagasta, cada cosa tiene su lugar' can be translated as 'In Antofagasta, everything has its place'

This was the name and slogan for the Promotion and Education Campaign used for the pilot project executed in the City of Antofagasta (northern region of Chile).

Cologne, 26 March 2018

The pilot consisted in recollection of recyclables and compostable residues directly from households and taking these to pilot recycling plant and pilot composting plant.
Reclay a supportive promotion and education campaign for a pilot project for the separate collection of household waste, including packaging waste and organics in the City of Antofagasta submitted to ISWA for the price and got second place in 2017.

There were many particular challenges to make this project work. In first place, there’s no infrastructure for formal recycling in Antofagasta. Second, the average citizen of Antofagasta is not engaged with environmental issues or the issues related with improper waste management, and third there’s a huge “floating population” in Antofagasta which is closely related to the mining activity and the feeling of ownership and care for the city is almost inexistent.

The slogan was created to include the name of the region (Antofagasta) to make them proud of the city, and with a simple concept almost like something to teach to kids (everything has its place) to indicate that recyclables, compostable and restmüll did not belong to all the same container. Recyclables has its place, and so compostable. Avoiding any wording directly related with “environment” or “recycling”, we tried to give a fresh, authentic and innovative look to the campaign.