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French take-back scheme: Reclay supports Léko

Funding is available

The Reclay Group will continue to promote competition in the French packaging-licensing market. Therefore, the Cologne-based corporate group is ready to provide funding for the final phase of setting up the take-back and recycling scheme Léko. This pledge of support is necessitated by an announcement made by Léko. The company recently reported that it had to cease work on the take-back and recycling scheme for packaging due to a lack of funding. The authority concerned – the French General Directorate for Risk Prevention, which is a part of the French Finance Ministry – has already been informed about the step. A lack of resources for continuing the development of Léko is cited as the reason for this. Despite an appeal in August, neither the shareholders nor the new partners have raised the necessary resources.

“We still believe in having real competition in France as well as in Léko’s success. Therefore, after the appeal in August, we tabled an offer to provide further financial resources to keep the scheme going. This, along with another offer made by a group of investors, was rejected by the majority on the supervisory board,” says Raffael A. Fruscio, Managing Partner of the Reclay Group. The corporate group is a member of the supervisory board of Léko via its French subsidiary Valorie SAS. “Léko was founded to offer companies from the trade and industrial sectors with relevant obligations an alternative to the current monopoly for the first time as well as to provide cost transparency and better service. We are confident that we will still be able to achieve these objectives and are ready to provide funding so that Léko can go into operation as soon as possible,” says Fruscio in conclusion.

About the Reclay Group

The Reclay Group is an internationally operating service provider in the field of recycling and recyclables management. With a workforce of 220 employees based at 12 locations worldwide, the medium-sized, owner-led group helps over 3,000 customers from industry, trade and commerce achieve their environmental goals and fulfil their product responsibility. The Reclay Group develops individual take-back and recycling schemes for different types of waste, such as sales and transport packaging, and advises companies and governments on establishing waste management systems. The group also manages the processing and use of recycled materials, thus supplying the economy with important secondary raw materials. Specialist subsidiaries cover the entire value chain of waste management and recycling – with the aim of keeping recyclable materials in a closed loop system for as long as possible. The group was founded in 2002 by principal shareholders Martin Schürmann and Raffael A. Fruscio. In the 2016 financial year, the Reclay Group generated sales of €171 million.