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  • Cologne, 21.05.2013 - Reclay Holding GmbH awarded top marks in credit assessment

    Impressive creditworthiness displayed in 2013

    Reclay Holding GmbH is among the companies in Germany with the best credit rating. It is the second time that a subsidiary of the Reclay Group has been awarded the highest credit rating of “1” by the independent rating agency Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH. Only 4.9% of companies across Germany received top marks.

  • Vienna, 20.03.2013 - Reclay UFH – sole alternative to ARA

    Interseroh has its approval withdrawn in Austria

    It was announced today that Interseroh Austria GmbH is no longer entitled to operate as a collection and recycling system for commercial packaging in Austria. In accordance with the waste management law, systems must be approved by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW). In particular, evidence must be provided demonstrating that the operator is in a position to organise waste collection and recycling nationwide and that sufficient finances are available to cover the costs entailed.

  • Vienna, 12.03.2013 - Delivering food for a good cause: Reclay UFH lends valuable support to the Wiener Tafel food bank

    For the past year, a spirit of “waste not want not” has prevailed at Vienna’s “Naschmarkt”, the largest and most traditional market in the Austrian capital. Rather than disposing of fresh, unspoilt food that can no longer be sold, it is collected and distributed to people in need. This joint project is undertaken by Wiener Tafel, the market stand operators, the IG Naschmarkt association and the city market authorities. Reclay UFH has also been putting its weight behind this initiative since the beginning of this year.

  • Cologne, 27.02.2013 - Reclay Group welcomes DUH demand for return system to handle discarded medicinal drugs

    REMEDICA – a safe and environmentally sustainable system already exists

    The Reclay Group expressly welcomes the demand voiced by the German environment organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH) for the introduction of a standardised collection system to handle medicinal drugs in chemists throughout Germany. Such a system is urgently needed in order to improve the possibilities for returning discarded medicinal drugs. At a press conference in Berlin today, the DUH warned that there is an increasing risk posed by the incorrect disposal of pharmaceuticals. In more and more households, medicine is being carelessly discarded in toilets and down drains.

  • Vienna, 18.01.2013 - RECLAY UFH: Market liberalisation lowers costs for general public

    Draft amendments of waste management law (AWG 2002) and packaging ordinance submitted for assessment promise increased competition

    The draft reforms of the waste management law and the packaging ordinance sent out by the Environment Ministry have largely lived up to the high expectations. Managing director of Reclay UFH Dr Christian Keri expressed his satisfaction: “For the first time in Austria, a practical solution for operating in a competitive environment has been found in the area of household packaging.”


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