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  • Cologne/Mainz, 21.06.2016 - Material Laws: Associations’ Paper the Only Realistic Alternative

    Downright Refusal Damages Germany as a Recycling Location

    The dual systems Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland, Reclay and Landbell support the associations’ paper on the further development of packaging law. Above all, all three system operators see the necessity to achieve the long-overdue advances in recycling within the short time-frame leading up to the parliamentary elections in 2017.

  • Cologne, 07.06.2016 - Knowledge Exchange between Dual Systems and Communities

    Reclay Group hosts recycling workshop for waste consultants

    As an experienced company in the recycling sector, the Reclay Group is committed to educating the general public on the importance of packaging take-back and recovery. Therefore, the group is again taking part in the 2016 “Day of Packaging” on June 9, ...

  • Herborn, 24.05.2016 - Reclay Group Brings Recycling to Life for Both Kids and Adults

    Successful Environmental Education Programme Runs During Hessentag Event

    The Hessentag is an annual event, both fair and festival, organized by the German state of Hesse to represent its different regions. Its 56th edition got underway on May 20 in Herborn.

  • Herborn, 10.05.16 - trendy e.V. Increases Engagement for Children

    A Successful Initiative Becomes a Registered Association

    More than 160 participating institutions, 13,000 bags of clothes collected and almost €4,000 in donations: that is the impressive result of the environmental education initiative “trendy helps children. Join in!”, which focuses on charity clothes drives for kindergartens, day care centres, schools and registered associations.

  • Bratislava/Vienna/Cologne, 28.04.2016 - New take-back system approved in Slovakia

    RECobal supports companies in the fulfilment of their legal obligations

    Reclay Group successful in campaigning for more competition and cost efficiency: On 1 July 2016, the collection and recycling system RECobal s.r.o. will be introduced in Slovakia.


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