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We make news. Read our press releases to learn what moves us and what we move. If you have any questions, our Public Relations office will be happy to answer them.

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  • Cologne, 13.04.2016 - Improving Glass Collection in Cologne

    Collaboration Between Reclay, REMONDIS and the City Successfully Initiated

    Since 1 January 2016, glass collection in the city of Cologne has been organised in a new way. The Cologne-based Reclay Group has assumed responsibility, putting in place its dual system. The consortium’s aim is to make the current system better and more consumer friendly, thus ensuring that a larger total amount of glass is recycled.

  • Cologne, 26.01.2016 - activate - by Reclay is Spreading out to Other EU Countries

    Distributing companies from other European countries can fulfil their licensing requirements for Germany online here

    Anyone who puts packaging into circulation in Germany is legally obliged to account for its return and disposal of wastes. The activate − by Relay online portal has for one year now been offering manufacturers and importers a quick and simple way of licensing their sales and transport packaging.

  • Cologne, 17.12.2015 - Fair Licensing Terms Without Flat Rate Charges for Retail and Transport Packaging

    New tutorial shows how easily and quickly distributors can release themselves from their obligations to take back packaging material through activate – by Reclay

    A new tutorial video now explains how distributors can fulfil their obligations in the packaging ordinance in just a few steps.

  • Cologne, 4.11.2015 - Simple online licensing for transport packaging

    activate – by Reclay has expanded service

    activate – by Reclay is the name of the online shop of the Reclay Group. Already since 2014, it has enabled packaging manufacturers, distributors and importers to license their retail packaging in just a few clicks.

  • Cologne, 28.10.2015 - What to do with old medication?

    Almost a quarter of all German pharmacies accept old medication via the REMEDICA return system

    An expired cough syrup, a started packet of antibiotics or pills that are no longer needed – these medicines should no longer be in your medicine cabinet! But what do with them? Consumer awareness of sustainability and environmental protection is on the increase.


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