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Straight talk!

Latest Comments on the Industry

It is important for us as a company to take a stance on the issues of our time. This includes expressing our opinions openly, and getting to the crux of any matter. We therefore frequently express our point of view on topical discussions, issues and developments in our industry. Critically, frankly, directly. In other words, simply straight talk!

  • Vienna, 05.07.2013 - Grab your money while you can…

    seems to be the approach currently pursued by ARA. Although the dust has hardly had time to settle on the remains of the monopoly for the collection of household packaging, ARA has already changed its way of thinking to an “economic system”. Funds that were actually supposed to reduce prices are being put in other reserves.

  • Cologne, 05.07.2013 - The sinking ship BDE certificate…

    …is being abandoned by an increasing number of system operators. Following BellandVision’s termination without notice, which is still going through the courts, Zentek is the next company to jump ship. Now the certificate is left with only four of the ten dual systems.

  • Cologne, 28.06.2013 - Don’t get too worked up…

    …when you read what has been written in the latest Schwarzbuch Verpackungsentsorgung published by the VKU (Association of Municipal Companies). It describes the existing system of packaging disposal as too inefficient, too expensive, too unecological and completely lacking in transparency. And it criticises the behaviour of all those involved in the processes, from the state, the dual systems and the waste disposal companies right through to the consumer.

  • Vienna, 13.06.2013 - “The monopoly is dead,

    long live the monopoly,” seems to be ARA’s motto following the resolution that was passed to liberalise the household packaging market. In the end, the Council of Ministers acted so quickly that you were left wondering if the proceedings really had been brought to a successful conclusion. Starting in 2015 other systems will now also be allowed to handle the obligations of companies regarding household packaging. Which means that ARA has lost its exclusive control of the segment.

  • Cologne, 08.05.2013 - All things come to an end …

    Do they really? No, they certainly don’t! That tiresome topic, the BDE certificate, has entered the next phase. In the summer of last year, DSD, Interseroh and Zentek instituted proceedings at Cologne District Court against BellandVision GmbH.

  • Cologne, 15.02.2013 - “You don’t bite the hand…

    … that feeds you,” seems to be the motto of the BDE for 2013. And so the dual systems are once again being used as a scapegoat for just about everything – a lack of innovation, inadequate recycling, falsification of product responsibility, a conscious reduction in licensing volumes… The latest interview with BDE president Peter Kurth in the EUROPATICKER almost makes you wonder why the system operators haven’t also been made responsible for all the misery in the world – and the last time Germany lost at football.

  • Cologne, 19.11.2012 - Made in Germany

    … is a sign of quality that is highly respected around the world. This particularly applies to the dual systems model and the success story of closed substance cycle waste management in Germany. But current developments in our own country can only be described as typically German: owing to the demands by various lobbies from politics and business for extensive remunicipalisation of reusable materials recycling, for no good reason doubt is being cast on what we have achieved and a successful model is being denigrated.

  • Cologne, 31.08.2012 - The monopoly returns to the Middle Ages

    Monopolists naturally see little necessity for innovation. And so it is hardly surprising that a step back in time was recently touted as a “new way” by ARA in Vienna. The trade journal EUWID gave the following report on 28 August 2012: “The Austrian waste disposal company AVE and Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA) are treading new paths for the collection of lightweight packaging in Bad Mittendorf (Styria).


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