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Straight talk!

Latest Comments on the Industry

It is important for us as a company to take a stance on the issues of our time. This includes expressing our opinions openly, and getting to the crux of any matter. We therefore frequently express our point of view on topical discussions, issues and developments in our industry. Critically, frankly, directly. In other words, simply straight talk!

  • Cologne, 20.04.2010 - A message from Bonn

    The Federal Cartel Office has fully confirmed the antitrust issues that were identified by the Reclay Group and have arisen as a result of the development of new joint inspection guidelines for all dual systems for testing the plausibility of planned mass flow documentation. The fact that system operators have consulted each another and agreed on the future development of industry solutions is incompatible with cartel law.

  • Cologne, 25.03.2010 - Fears confirmed

    The clearing mass flow documentation for the second quarter of 2010 with almost 255,000 tons spells it out in black and white: six system operators have once again registered much smaller volumes, and in one case even despite non-submission of extra registration DE814617556 as a result of the meeting of all dual systems on 21 January 2010. “Interseroh is the only system operator that has not submitted an extra registration for the first quarter in connection with the 'heavyweight' meeting.

  • Cologne, 19.03.2010 - The right platform

    It seems clear from recent press reports that the German Association for the Waste Disposal, Water and Raw Materials Industry (BDE – Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft e.V.) sees itself as the representative of the dual systems in Germany.

  • Cologne, 17.02.2010 - Carnival comes to Pegnitz

    Statement on press releases by BellandVision

    Comments by managing director Thomas Mehl suggest that carnival has taken hold in Pegnitz. Mr. Mehl has told the press that he is in favour of improved implementation and has warned against trying to find crises where there are none.

  • Cologne, 01.09.2017 - Time for negation

    ...was how we saw it as we terminated the clearing agreements.


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