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Eco-design Workshop

Tailor-made concepts for more sustainable packaging design

Want to be sustainable right down the line? Let us take a close look at your packaging. We not only uncover its ecological optimisation potential but also analyse potential cost savings. Together with you, our experienced experts develop concepts for making your packaging more eco-efficient and enhancing its recyclability. This gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition with an extended approach to sustainability and thus tap into new customer groups. In doing so, we focus on establishing a trusting cooperation: In case we would neither identify potential cost optimisations nor ecological improvement possibilities of your packaging, you will get your money back.

Our services


We analyse the status quo of your packaging holistically with regard to eco-efficiency - materials, volumes, weights and packaging processes as well as marketing activities and internal and external requirements.


You inform us on your packaging portfolio and your expectations on our services during intensive preliminary exchanges.


We tailor the workshop to suit you and your packaging portfolio and focus on individual priorities.


Here, it is important that all relevant decision-makers in your company come to the table. You determine the stakeholders involved, such as representatives from logistics, marketing, R&D and quality management.


Together with you, we develop targets for making your packaging design more environment-friendly. Your management may use our precise recommendations for action as a basis for their decision-making.


We develop solutions and identify first measures to increase the recyclability of your packaging. Herewith, we may also uncover potential cost optimisations.


We share our practical and experience-based know-how on the packaging lifecycle with you, including the latest legislative developments.

Your benefits

  • More sustainable production by improving the recyclability of your packaging
  • Strengthening your ecological image and bond with your customers
  • Being amongst the pioneers with regard to eco-design
  • Optimal preparation for possible legislative changes with respect to more ecological packaging
  • Identification of possible cost savings
  • Outlining measures for your long-term sustainability strategy
  • Our team’s longstanding and broad expertise

Benefits for the environment

  • Conserving natural resources
  • Supporting the recycling process
  • Reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases

Service provider in Germany

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