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International Packaging Recovery

We ensure legal compliance across borders.

If you would like to seize opportunities in international markets, then we can offer you the necessary support for the recovery of your packaging on an international level. In addition to offering individual consultancy services on all legal requirements related to the EU Extended Producer Responsibility, we provide reliable assistance in fulfilling your recovery and recycling obligations, such as registration and quantity reporting, thanks to our partners on site. We thus ensure that nothing stands in the way of your success abroad as far as the legal compliance of your packaging is concerned.

Our Services


We advise you as to your legal obligations in the specific country.


We conduct extensive pre-checks.


We keep you updated on any packaging-related legal changes.


We conduct comprehensive compliance checks.


We ensure your registration with the responsible systems or authorities.


We organise your quantity reporting.


We coordinate payment transactions and check terms and conditions for you.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable fulfilment of all legal obligations required by the respective country
  • Enables you to focus on your core business
  • Assistance in meeting complex legal requirements
  • Access to our extensive network of international partners

Benefits for the Environment

  • Environmentally compatible disposal, also in foreign countries
  • Preservation of natural resources
  • Resource security through efficient recovery of secondary raw materials

Provider in Germany

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