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Recovery of Hazardous Goods Packaging

We fulfil your collection and recycling obligations

There are special collection obligations that must be followed for the packaging of products that contain hazardous substances. These products, for example, are only permitted to be transported by disposal operators who have the appropriate approvals. In addition, the packaging must be specially labelled according to the hazardous materials class of its contents. We gladly provide support for you on this sensitive topic, and we make sure that you meet all legal requirements with regard to collection and recycling. 

Our Services


We offer you an experienced, specially trained waste disposal team.


A hotline informs you on all questions related to “hazardous substances.”


We work only with certified partners who have all the necessary permits.


We make sure that no packaging is disposed of as “third-party packaging.”

Your Benefits

  • Personal customer care provided by experienced specialists
  • Customised, efficient solutions that we develop together with you
  • Complete fulfilment of your waste disposal obligations
  • High quality standards and ongoing quality improvements
  • Market-conforming, sustainable pricing

Benefits for the Environment

  • Reduction of environmental impacts attributable to improper disposal
  • Preservation of resources due to increased recycling yields
  • Less littering
  • Protection of natural resources due to efficient recovery of secondary raw materials
  • Reduction of climate-harming greenhouse gases

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